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Air motor is basically a high pressure pump that uses compressed air for mechanical work. Due to its design and light weight, air motor is being used in every industry since many decades.

There are many types of air motor that either use high pressure pumps or turbines, depending on the type of designed for.

One of the functions of this motor is being used in hydraulic system where the compressed air is fed into air tight chamber. Inside the chamber is spring which holds it together with the piston. When the air is fed, the pressure inside the chamber starts to increase, the piston moves down and when it reaches its maximum length, the spring completes its cycle and closes the chamber.

Another industrial use of this high pressure pump motor is to start diesel or gas engines. The high pressured compressed air inside the chamber causes the rotor to move at a high speed and the engine starts working.

Air motor has been proved to be a very handy tool for both industrial use and mechanical purposes. It is also an energy efficient tool as it utilizes air for working rather than electricity or any other degradable source of energy.

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